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a brand new start

One of my resolutions this year was to add more items to my Etsy shop, and I’ve been trying to add an item every day. This seemed like a better idea than dumping a lot of listings in one go since they’ll all expire on the same day. Of course, I’m hoping that they’ll sell before they expire, but planning ahead always helps!

My Etsy shop at

I’ve been doing this since December 2016, and it’s going pretty well. I skipped some days (most of the public holidays, I think), but I’ve been pretty consistent!

The other resolution was to spruce up this site and use it as a blog. Initially I was using it to list items, since the primary site for Malaysian buyers was Facebook, and things get disorganised pretty fast over there. I was convinced by a Shopee representative to open a shop there, and if nothing else, at least I get to group items by category on their site. People still seem to prefer to contact me through Facebook or WhatsApp to make a purchase, and I’m completely fine with that. (More star ratings on Shopee would be much appreciated, though!)

My Shopee shop at

I’m still not sure what I’m going to blog about, aside from shop updates. I’m thinking of chronicling my crafting attempts here, even ones not directly related to the shop, like my love for English paper piecing (hexagons all the way!) and my inability to stop starting new projects. I’ll figure it out along the way, I suppose.




5 thoughts on “a brand new start”

  1. Just went to your shop – everything’s so cute!! I love your choice of fabric combinations and your photography is really good! Nice work. ^_^ I love the hot air balloon make-up pouch!!!

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    1. Thank you! That’s one of my favourites right now. And I’m glad you liked the photos … I was really terrible at it when I first started, and it still surprises me when people tell me they look nice or ask for tips!


  2. I was waiting to come across a blog like this. I would really like to see some diy bag or clutch. Or maybe some Etsy shopping tips. Or maybe some Etsy selling tips. How is your experience with Etsy and how to be successful on it (with stuff like that you are bound to be successful with God’s will of course). So yeah! All the best.

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    1. Thanks, that’s very kind of you. I might share some tutorials in the future — I’m just very slow at writing them! I’m not all that successful on Etsy yet, nor do I think I’m a particularly savvy shopper, but maybe one day I can write about that.

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