Five large pencil cases
Pencil cases, Zippered pouches

new pencil cases

One of the staples of my Etsy and Shopee shops: pencil cases!

Five large pencil cases

I make them in two sizes. The large ones measure 20 × 5 × 5 cm (8 × 2 × 2″) and the small ones 20 × 3.5 × 3.5 cm (8 × 1½ × 1½″). They might not look all that large in photos, but even the small pencil case can fit up to 20 pencils!

This batch is all large pencil cases, though. I try to keep around the same number of large and small pencil cases in the shop, but the small ones are slightly more popular. Both come in all sorts of colours and prints (polka dots are a favourite).


This group is mostly blue/purple and neutrals. I fuse the exterior fabric to a stabiliser or interfacing to make the fabric stiffer and also to make sure the pencil case keeps its shape instead of collapsing into itself. I like my pencil cases sturdy and boxy.


I almost spend as much time choosing the lining fabric inside the pouches as the exterior fabrics. And the zips too, of course! Sometimes auditioning the best match takes longer than actually cutting into the fabric.

The inside of the pencil cases have no exposed seam allowances — all of the messy guts are cleverly hidden. I slip stitch the small opening I use to turn the pencil case inside out (or is it outside in?) by hand, because I think it’s neater than using the sewing machine, even though it does take  a bit more time.

You can even choose from the fabrics here and request a custom order. Just contact me either by email or on Etsy or Shopee,  and I’ll be happy to make you a pencil case in the fabrics of your choice.


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      1. This is true, as I said in my post I have used a few others such as Storenvy and just gave up on it a week into it.


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