View of a portion of the quilt
English paper piecing

hexagons all the way!

I’m slightly mad about hexagons.

Seriously. Other polygons are nice and all, but hexagons are my favourite.

An English paper pieced flower.

I didn’t quite have the same enthusiasm for them before I rediscovered English paper piecing (or EPP for short). I was taught by my aunt many moons ago, but I wasn’t hooked on it then, since it was a lot of work and had to be done by hand. Basically, you baste a piece of fabric around a paper-cut shape so that it’s stable, then you hand stitch the basted pieces together. A few years ago my interest in the technique was rekindled when I realised that I could work on the hexies on the go, and it made a great portable project.


I’ve seemed to have lost my childhood dislike of hand stitching and now find it calming and almost therapeutic. It’s slow, yes, but there’s something soothing in the deliberate motions of hand sewing.

Rosette set into the quilt

This is only one of my many EPP projects, since I can’t seem to stop myself when I get a new idea or see pretty pictures on Instagram or Pinterest.

View of a portion of the quilt

I call this one Round and round the garden, since obviously grandma’s assistant had gone a bit nuts looking at those beautifully arranged gardens and started seeding this one willy nilly.

This is another of those things not listed in the Etsy or Shopee shops, but this time it’s because it takes forever to finish and, if I priced it fairly, no one could afford it (including myself). I might make smaller things like pincushions or cushion covers for sale in the future, but for now there are no immediate plans.



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